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Founded in 1987 by San Francisco musicians Jon Jang and Francis Wong, Asian Improv Records is the leading recording label dedicated to the documentation of the Asian American experience through creative music. With over 80 titles in its catalog, the Grammy-nominated label moved its operations to Chicago, where it is now managed by label President, Tatsu Aoki. Rooted in and inspired by Asian American community consciousness, Asian Improv Records is committed to supporting the work of Asian American artists, with the labelís roster including many of todayís key figures in Asian American music. Ranging from traditional Asian music to jazz to hip hop and free improvisation, Asian Improv Records defines the diversity and vitality of the Asian American cultural perspective through music. In pursuing this mission, AIR has built alliances with numerous artists as well as grassroots and mainstream organizations and institutions in order to create a lasting legacy that embraces the diverse cultures of our society. We now share this work in various formats, from CDís to various forms of digital content available online including downloadable recordings from our catalog for sale.

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