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Founded in 1984 by prominent Chicago artist and Asian American community leader, Tatsu Aoki, Asian Improv aRts (AIRMW) has established itself as the foremost Asian American cultural arts organization in the Midwest.  Through producing critically acclaimed programs such as the Annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival and the Tsukasa Taiko/Taiko Legacy drumming/traditional Japanese music program, AIRMW meets the needs of the Chicago Asian American community for high quality and culturally relevant arts programming. 

We are making available for the first time a catalog of archival recordings from Asian Improv artists for streaming representing the in-the-moment creative activity of our affiliated artists from our long history of producing live presentations, including the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, and live recordings from various events and venues.  These recordings are available to stream free of charge for fair use research and educational purposes. Please contact Asian Improv aRts Archive office at if you are interested in downloading the archival works.

Artists in this collection:

001 Afifi Phillard and Tatsu Aoki

002 Fred Anderson Donald Barnett Tatsu Aoki

003 Miyumi Project

010 Miyumi Project

011 Joseph Jarman Robbie Hunsinger Tatsu Aoki

013 Miyumi Project

018 Glenn Horiochi Tatsu Aoki

019 Francis Wong Tatsu Aoki TimeCode

020 Glenn Horiuchi Dave Pavkovic Tatsu Aoki

022 Fred Anderson Toshinori Kondo Hamid Drake Tatsu Aoki

023 Edward Wilkerson Tatsu Aoki Michael Zerang

024 Asian American Jazz Festival

025 East Meets the Rest

026 Sonny Seals Chad Taylor Tatsu Aoki

028 DISH

029 Joanie Pallatto Bradley Parker-Sparrow Tatsu Aoki

030 Fred Anderson Tatsu Aoki

031 Fred Anderson Kobie Watkins Tatsu Aoki

032 WAPP

033 Afifi Phillard Tatsu Aoki

034 Yoko Noge Jazz Me Blues


036 Experimental Chicago Tokyo New Music Ensemble

037 Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire