A collection of recordings curated by Tatsu Aoki.

Asian Improv Records
Founded in 1987, Asian Improv Records is the leading recording label dedicated to the documentation of the Asian American experience through creative music. As such, Asian Improv Records defines the diversity and vitality of the Asian American cultural perspective through music. We share this work in various formats including nearly 80 CD titles and for the first time downloadable recordings from our AIR catalog for sale as well as archival recordings from our rich and varied history for streaming.
Asian Improv archive
Founded in 1984, Asian Improv aRts (AIRMW) has established itself as the leading Asian American cultural arts organization in the Midwest through critically acclaimed programs such as its annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival and Taiko Legacy, and its resident artists and ensembles Tsukasa Taiko, Toyoaki Shamisen, Tatsu Aoki and the Miyumi Project.